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Johnson Continues Absurd Claim That He Never Charactorized Himself as a "Self-Made Man"

As I've repeatedly documented, Ron Johnson not only gave people the impression that he started his company from the ground-up, he actually repeatedly said that he "started" his business from the "ground-up."

Now, as it is becoming abundently clear that the person that put the "turtle on the fence post" was Johnson's billionaire father-in-law Howard Curler, Johnson, with feigned exasperation, is claiming that he never said or charactorized that he was a self-made man. 

My question is simple:  Where did nearly every member of the media and Republican officials get this false impression?

There is obviously only one person that could have given them that impression:  Ron Johnson.   To repeatedly tell how you started your plastic company from the "ground-up," without mentioning that your father-in-law was billionaire plastics titan Howard Curler is clearly a lie by omission.  Obviously to start a plastic company that had millions in physical property from day one required deep pockets and a knowledge of the plastics industry-- two things that Johnson did not have and his father-in-law did.

It's also abundently clear why he did it:  It's sounds much better to come-off as a self-made man, instead of a "fence post turtle."  The truth is that nearly all of Howard Curler's sons and son-in-laws have been set-up in similar business situations as Johnson, making Johnsons business success more of a result of which family he married-into rather than any business acumen Johnson may or may not posess.   



September 5, 2010 - 12:02pm