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Jim Ward comments on Mary Lazich's opinion piece in Milwaukee JS

State Senator Mary Lazich had an opinion piece published in the Sunday Milwaukee JS defending her abstanance only sex education bill.  The following press release was provided to the Milwaukee JS by Jim Ward.  As of now the Milwaukee JS has not published Jim Wards press release.  Jim is a grass roots moderate Democrat who intends to represent the people of the 28th rather than the special interestes that Senator Lazich panders to.  This may be the only way his opinions will be heard.



Comprehensive Approach Is Best One For Sex Education

I am writing this in response to Mary Lazich’s opinion piece in the Journal Sentinel this past Sunday. All too often career politicians don’t use common sense: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Last year, teen births in Wisconsin declined again, but Senator Mary Lazich with Governor Walker changed the law that helped move us in that direction. Wisconsin has used a comprehensive approach that works. Now, Senator Lazich wants schools to teach abstinence only. I recently attended her town hall session and asked her about this change. She said, “when we need to provide an education to students they need to have all the facts.” The bill she authored does the exact opposite, it limits information. She denies the University of Washington study that shows students who receive comprehensive sex education are 60% less likely to have unwanted pregnancies. She ignores the fact that states with the highest teen pregnancies teach abstinence only or have no requirements of what must be taught. In her article she also mentions the West Allis-West Milwaukee District; this is a school district that she does not even represent. She is another example of a Madison politician who is out of step with us. She’s changing what’s working in Wisconsin to satisfy her extreme agenda. I will be challenging her in November.



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April 20, 2012 - 8:08am