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Jeff Stone: Scott Walker, only worse

State Rep. Jeff Stone announced his candidacy for Milwaukee County executive by saying he wants to follow Scott Walker's template.

That's understandable, given that Stone, like Walker was when he first ran, is a conservative suburban legislator. And Walker no doubt will be an immense help to Stone, basically being able to turn over a Milwaukee County campaign structure and money to fuel Stone's campaign. So he will want and need to be Scott Walker's best buddy. Stone has always been the heir apparent for the job, with Walker and talk radio boosting him.

There's just one small potential problem: Scott Walker's not exactly all that popular in Milwaukee County. Just six weeks ago, he only got 38% of the county vote in the governor's race against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

The fact that the exec race is non-partisan will help Stone, who could never win county-wide in a partisan election.

But Walker, despite all the help he brings to Stone, could well turn out to be the millstone that sinks his candidacy.

Walker just won the governor's race by telling voters that electing Barrett would be giving Jim Doyle a third term, and that Barrett was Doyle only worse.

So meet Jeff Stone, the guy who wants to serve and continue to destroy county government and the services it provides. Think of Jeff Stone as Scott Walker, only worse.


December 15, 2010 - 1:48pm