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Jeff Stone: Don't privatize the airport, sell it

State Rep. Jeff Stone, the Republican who would be Milwaukee County exec, had this to say in a PolitiFact check less than a month ago:

"I never proposed privatizing the airport," Stone said, responding to a question.

Twenty-seven days later, the Journal Sentinel reports:

...Jeff Stone said Monday that he favors selling or leasing Mitchell International Airport as a way to generate a large endowment fund to pay for transit and parks.

If that is not the Mother of all Flip-Flops, let's hear your nomination.

Well, he still hasn't said he wants to "privatize" it. Just sell it.

No further commentrary seems necessary.

AFTERTHOUGHT: How much could we get for the Court House? It would have to be sold as a fixer-upper, after the way Scott Walker let it deteriorate,


January 31, 2011 - 11:59pm