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Jeff Smith and Kristen Dexter chair Eau Claire Party

Note from Kristen Dexter this morning -

Please read this statement about Jeff Smith's and my new position as co-chairs of the Eau Claire County Democratic Party:

Three weeks ago we were privileged to be elected as the new co-chairs of the Eau Claire County Democratic Party after former Chair, Dr. Thomas Kemp, moved to join his wife in the United Arab Emirates.

As Tom’s departure loomed we were approached by many people who said “Could you two get together and decide which one of you will run for Chair?” We did – and decided that we were most interested in sharing the position.

It’s a testament to the great and growing group of Democrats in Eau Claire County that the job as Chair has become enough work for two people. This county party is acknowledged as being among the most active and organized in the state and our membership has grown significantly since Gov. Walker took office in January. Our office has remained open year around since 2004, due to the generosity of local donors. Thank you!

It would have been easy to walk away from politics after last fall’s elections, but we’re committed to our region and the citizens of the Chippewa Valley regardless of what official title we may or may not hold. This co-chair position allows us to continue our commitment to progressive values and to electing Democrats to office.

As former state representatives we’ll bring different skills, connections, and perspective to the job. We’ve both served in local government (school board and town board) and we know the importance of strong relationships between local and state public officials. Government works best when local control is valued and when local officials have input into state policy.

We know that democracy must be protected and fostered even in the most unpleasant and uncertain of times, and vigilance is required all of the time. We understand that none of us has liberty if everyone doesn’t have liberty, and as co-chairs we’re committed to fighting for the rights of ALL – regardless of your age, gender, color or your skin, size of your paycheck, or who you love.

We’re deeply concerned about the economic life of ordinary Wisconsinites and Americans. Economic issues must focus on rebuilding and honoring the working class of this state and nation. The Democratic party IS the party of the American worker and we intend to be messengers for average, middle class citizens.

The local progressive community has continued to look to us as leaders, and for that we are grateful. We’re with you for the long haul!

Kristen Dexter and Jeff Smith


June 17, 2011 - 9:50am