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It's Friday - Time to redistrict

[img_assist|nid=59309|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=200|height=209]It's Friday afternoon, and in the great tradition of trying to bury what you're up to, the state Republicans .  ().I'm trying at the moment to determine for sure what district I am now in since the new split of Dunn county is stranger than ever and looks like it might go through my house.  The released maps are fairly low-quality, so it is difficult to see in any detail where the boundaries are. 

Update -- There is a hearing scheduled for Wed. at 10 AM to consider the maps.

According to Mike Tate of the Democratic Party, this is a "naked power grab. ... . They redistricted Nancy Nussbaum out of her district by half a block.  They've redistricted Bob Wurch out of his District.  Republicans know they are going to lose the Senate next month,  While this plan will be tied up in the courts, we will continue to hold Scott Walker accountable by recalling him next year. ... They clearly know they are going to lose the Kapanke and Harsdorf seats because they left the challengers in the districts.  In the next 48 hours we'll have a clearer idea who has been drawn out of their seats. This is about pure, naked partisanship. ... There is no check on their abuse of power or authority. There is no way a Republican can say they are doing their constitutional duty by pointing to this map."


Full response from the Democratic Party at

It's not at all certain when the vote on these will take place, but the strong money is on passing the redistricting next week -- more turmoil for the entire state is in the works.

It appears that the outcome of this, if passed, will take effect for the November election. 


July 8, 2011 - 3:09pm