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Paul Ryan's One Percent Rubs Affluence in Face of Wisconsin's Middle Class and Working Poor

One Percent Rubs Affluence in Face of Wisconsin's Middle Class and Working Poor

This Monday, November 5th the doors will open at 7:30 for the Milwaukee Victory Rally with “Paul and the GOP” at Sterling Aviation on South Howell at Mitchell Field. The event will begin at 9:30. These are the folks who are the “job creators”, the ones whose “Pathway to Prosperity” for the 1% requires the “pathway to Austerity” for the 99%. It is unbelievable that they can say that they understand the middle class, much less the working poor. Especially the working poor whose sweat supports unjust and undeserved affluence of the 1%. John Menard is Wisconsin's example of this excess transfer of wealth although the Walton billionaires are continuing to grow rich with the help of Badgercare for their workers. But, that's another story.

Tonight's post is just to point out how out of touch the Wisconsin Republicans really are.

As a 99%er who is fortunate enough to be in the middle class, I checked with Delta Airlines to see what it would cost for my wife and me to fly to Minneapolis from Milwaukee in the morning and return the same evening. (after all, there is no chance of high speed rail between the two cities) We could fly coach for $157 each or a total of $314. It is expensive, but given gas costs it is achievable for many in the 99% if they budget in advance for the trip. What if we would want to fly first class, the way the 1% used to fly before the advent of Reagonomics and tax deductible corporate jets? Well, that would be $275 each and a total of $550. Expensive for most of the 99% but maybe the kind of trip that would be a nice anniversary or special occasion event.

Now, let's look at how the 1% take the same trip. The folks who do business with Sterling Aviation. The folks who will be at the Victory Rally on Monday. The same Milwaukee to Minneapolis trip on the same day in one of Sterling's mid sized jets would be $6,435 or more. Of course, the irony is that there are probably a higher percentage of Republicans in the 99% than Democrats. But the Victory Party Republicans are comfortable working for a little more than minimum wage and no benefits so that they can attend a victory party in a Corporate Jet Hanger rather than a Union Hall.

Sterling's clients, the one percent, will “prosper” under a Romney/Ryan presidency and that is why they are offering their Corporate Jet Hanger for the Victory rally. 

As for the rest of the Republicans, they can take the to MATC's south campus and walk to the Victory Rally.




November 3, 2012 - 8:50pm