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House Health Care Hypocrisy Caucus

One hundred per cent of Republicans in the House of Representatives voted this week to repeal the federal health care reform law.  Every damn last one of 'em.

Ninety-seven per cent of those same Republicans are enjoying the Cadillac-plus federal health care plan offered at reduced rates to members of Congress and their families, and heavily subsidized by the taxpayers. 

Only seven GOP House members have opted out of the federal plan, and none of them are from Wisconsin.  Which makes Sean Duffy, Reid Ribble, Paul Ryan, Jim Sensenbrenner and Tom Petri full members of the Health Care Hypocrisy Caucus.

There are several campaigns underway, including some paid advertising, to hold those members accountable.

An email today from Credo, the progressive phone provider, asks members to ask House Speaker John Boehner to sign the opt-out form.

Why not ask Wisconsin House Hypocrisy Caucus to do the same?

Here's how Credo puts it:

But rather than voting to deny affordable care to millions of Americans and allowing insurance companies to discriminate against children on the basis of pre-existing conditions, [GOP members] should practice what they preach and start by canceling their own federal care — care that you and I pay for.

Repeal proponents like Boehner [& Co.] have long argued the wisdom and availability of private insurance. So they should have no trouble getting great private health coverage from the insurance companies they've been representing so well.

Here's the form, in case you want to send it along. Might as well copy Sen. Ron Johnson, too. Although he may not get to vote for repeal in the Senate, he should be happy to set an example and opt out of taxpayer-paid health care. After all, he says that's what got him to run.


January 20, 2011 - 4:32pm