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Hopper's Prospects Getting Dimmer

As each week passes it seems like Senator Randy Hopper (R-Fond du Lac) is hearing the tic-toc of his career in the Senate. With scandals abounding regarding his , not to mention his strong stance with Walker on both the budget repair bill, he finds that fighting a recall election could be one of his own worst nightmares. 

This whole nightmare started shortly after a recall petition was filed and people gathering recall petition signatures stumbled upon Hopper's ex-wife who seemed to have no qualms about discussing the primary reason for their recent . From fighting residency questions to accounting for of the conservative image and lobbying company Persuasion Partners, despite having to fight a very likely recall election. I'm sure his radio stations are carrying some advertisements in his defense but I doubt if that can reduce the swell that appears to have the vultures circling.

Even if he does win his recall election, would he have enough support to take him into his next election? Either way the Democrats have nothing to lose by locking in this recall election and they will only do that if they stay organized and focused to the end. .  With only 50% of all recall elections in the State being successful and that resulting in only 2 successful recalls, putting one in the bag with Hopper is essential if there is any hope of a sweeping change in the Wisconsin Senate. The first press related story calling that there will be a recall election for Hopper that I saw was at JSonline where Tom Tolan wrote:

If they have the signatures or not is irrelevant. The Democrats must keep focused on recalls where the efforts will be successful and not hope for the impossible - recalling all 8 senators and


March 30, 2011 - 10:37am