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As Hootergate Intensifies, Walker Camp Takes Down Kleefisch's "Sugar Daddy" Screed

It has been that the Walker-Kleefisch campaign communications director Ciara Matthews wrote the campaign's horribly sexist screed accusing Kathleen Falk of being a prostitute by using the money of her "" (union boss Marty Biel) to get the Democratic nomination for governor.

Now, as it has come to light that Ciara Matthews worked at Hooters from approximately 2005 through 2007 and the internet has become flooded with pics the of a visit to Hooters when Matthews worked there,  the campaign has quickly taken down and erased all previous mentions of it on their website.

Is there a connection between the two?  Yeah think?

Hmmm... could it be that the campaign is worried that some of Ciara Matthews Hooters' customers look a little bit too much like... I don't know... what's the phrase I'm looking for... sugar daddies?  No, I'm not suggesting Matthews was selling sexual appeal in exchange for for money-- because I don't need to-- we need only look in the Hooters where it explicitly states that they sell sexual appeal:

(1) my job duties require I wear the designated Hooters Girl uniform; (2) my job duties require that I interact and entertain the customers; and (3) the Hooters concept is based female sex appeal and the work environment in one in which joking and innuendo based on sexual appeal is common place.

In fact, in court, Hooters has gone even futher, as former EEOC official Ken Masugi points in

Hooters itself insists that the "primary function" of the Hooters Girls is not food service but "providing vicarious sexual recreation."

But, this isn't about Ciara Matthews. What Matthews did way back in... 2007... was her business. It is an issue, however, when you (or the campaign you are spokesperson for) make a vulger accusation that Kathleen Falk "went out and got herself a sugar daddy" when you have pictures all over web that kinda look like you were doing more than just " when the Ferrari club rolled into Hooters.



April 17, 2012 - 10:14am