Holperin Recall Opponent Calls Teachers, Police & Fire Fighters Mutinous Cowards, But Says Corps Are "Cornerstone of America" | WisCommunity

Holperin Recall Opponent Calls Teachers, Police & Fire Fighters Mutinous Cowards, But Says Corps Are "Cornerstone of America"

Despite the fact that the original Tea Party was a protest against corporations, Jim Holperin's recall opponent, Tea Partier Kim Simac, made defense of corporations a central part of her prepared speech at a rally in Madison a few weeks ago:

...commonly called a corporation here in America and this fundamental cornerstone of America is what these protestors, their unions, and other people who do not understand how America became exceptional, work to destroy.

Then Simac blames the 60,000+ jobs that have left Wisconsin to go China, not on free trade, but on the fact that America has "red tape" like not paying workers a dollar a day, child labor laws, and a 40 hour week week: 

Let me put it this way:  As Washington bickers, procrastination delays facing the fact that while our generation has bankrupted this nation, other countries are thriving.  Industrial revolutions similar to that of the 1800s are popping up all over the world and guess what?  In the infancy of their newly found prosperity, they have not established a thing called 'red tape' or regulations. 

Strangely, the folks we usually think of as the cornerstone of America-- teachers, police and firefighter were scraped-off the bottom of Simac's shoe as mutinous cowards.

Simac says these people and other public servants have committed "mutiny aboard the ship called Wisconsin," for protesting Captain Walker's killing of their collective bargaining rights. 

She also repeated a variation of rightwing talk show host, Vicki McKenna's line that police and firefighters participation in the rally weren't heroes and were cowards:

A dangerous path this state finds itself on right now:  one where cowards are called heros, disobediance is concurred by the same people we pay to defend our laws and our lives.

Don't you just hate it when civil servants are disobediant?

That was pretty much her whole speech.  So, if you think teachers, police and fire fighters are mutinous cowards and corporations are the victim, by all means, vote Simac.




May 11, 2011 - 3:57pm