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Hey, Mr. Fact Checker!

The Journal Sentinel "Fact" check team, in a snit because a Tom Barrett ad rearranged a page in the paper for a TV spot, was so anxious to light Barrett's pants on fire that it skipped right over this little piece of its own reporting:

In the second claim, [in the commercial] the narrator declares: "County debt has skyrocketed 85 percent." ...

On this point, county debt has risen 85 percent under Walker, according to Cynthia Archer, the county’s director of administrative services.

That's especially telling because Scott Walker has been traveling the state, telling people that he reduced the county's debt, as One Wisconsin Now points out, with lots of direct quotes from Walker.

Gee, will the fact checkers ever get to that one?  If anybody's pants are ablaze, it's Scott Walker's.

If the fact checkers think it's more important to check on Mark Belling or see if Russ Feingold is really a lawyer, it says more about the newspaper than it does about politics. Or maybe that is politics. Hmmm?


October 4, 2010 - 6:10pm