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'Hey, Dems: Let's not raise any money' -- Ed Garvey

Ed Garvey has for the Walker recall:

Let us persuade the Democratic candidates to refuse all contributions. Announce that the Democrats will not accept super-PAC money or any contributions over $100 dollars. Turn Walker's money against him. His campaign will raise and spend 15-20 million dollars. There is no way a Democrat could come close to that amount, so why try? There is an old saying that "your greatest weakness can be your greatest strength." Let's give it a go! My bet is that most of the million petitioners are ready to make history!

Fighting Ed, the last angry man, might not like the rules, or the Citizens United decision, or the undue influence of big money in politics. But self-immolation hardly seems like the best response.

Garvey and his running mate Barbara Lawton tried much the same approach when he ran for governor in 1998. There were enough loopholes in the $100 limit that you could actually give the ticket $400 ($100 each in the primary, even though there was none, and $100 each in the general.).

They raised somewhat more than $1-million, as I recall -- and declared a moral victory when they got 40% of the vote.

Enough said.


January 16, 2012 - 12:02pm