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The heat is on

Okay, so the temperature has cooled down a little, but the heat is on for the recall elections.  We're coming down to the wire, and it's time for all Wisconsinites to take a stand and work on the recall campaigns.  You can help out in many ways:

1.  Help out.  Make phone calls.  Canvass.  Show up at events.  Talk to your friends, neighbors and family. 

2.  Write letters to the editor at your local papers.

3.  Donate. You can donate to your local party, donate on-line at Act Blue, or just click on the widget at the top right of the page, where you can donate to Act Blue through us to recall candidates, and to other progressive candidates that are mounting a campaign.

Make a difference.  Stop the slow march of Wisconsin toward conservatism. Take back the state.


July 22, 2011 - 2:27pm