Have you at long last, governor, no sense of irony? | WisCommunity

Have you at long last, governor, no sense of irony?


Gov. Scott Walker used the signing of the $66.1 billion 2011-13 GOP state budget today to say it's time to

"turn the page" on divisive debates, declaring, "we must find a way to move forward together to work for the people of

this state." --

So after

railroading a budget through the legislature, with Republicans choking off Democratic debate, rejecting every single

Democratic amendment, breaking or bending the rules and the law, excluding the public, meeting in secret, and strong-

arming the minority at every opportunity, Walker now wants to work together with recalls on the horizon? Fat chance.

Walker highlighted a property tax freeze that he made tougher through one of the 50 vetoes announced

earlier today, saying it would save the average state homeowner $700.

"As my youngest son would say – that’s real money," said Walker

As my younger child would say, that's a

crock of shit.


June 26, 2011 - 8:33pm