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Hang 'em high: GOP goes a' courting

[img_assist|nid=116828|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=0|height=0]Given the Wisconsin Republican Party's retooling of the justice system, toward a system more to its liking, we can now expect that anytime the GOP has a legal complaint and decides to sue, it will ask a friendly conservative judge in Waukesha County -- the state's most conservative county -- to hear the matter.

That's what the party did yesterday in deciding to sue the Government Accountability Board for actually attempting to carry out state laws that were enacted with huge Republican votes nearly five years ago. As is often now the case, the GOP doesn't actually like the law it voted for -- if its elected officials indeed ever truly understood the law they championed, beyond mere rhetoric.

In short, the Republicans are once again busy suing themselves. "Stop us before we kill again" isn't too far away from the underlying message, here.

Never mind that political issues involving matters of state law traditiionally and as a matter of logic have been heard in the jurisdiction of the state Capitol. Republicans perceived that the courts in Madison are way too ultra-liberal-radical.

Thus, the GOP-controlled Ledge passed a law this year allowing such lawsuits to be filed in other jurisdictions around the state. And Waukesha is about as conservative-friendly a jurisdiction as you'll find in America. Some of the party's most right-wing state legislators hail from that county. Remember, too, the Waukesha County Election Commission and its sorry state of affairs, and you'll know all ye need know.

So here's a modest proposal: If statewide legislative matters are now to be judged outside of Madison, and Waukesha County is where they'll be judged whenever Republicans are in control of the government, then, heck, let's jack up the Capitol building, put it on giant rollers, and move it to Waukesha. Why, the Republicans can even pass a bill forcing the cities of Milwaukee and Madison to foot the bill.

There's your transparent government, right there.



December 16, 2011 - 8:44am