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Guns in church? 'Love casts out fear. No guns here.'

Scott Anderson, executive director of the Wisconsin Council of Churches, in the organiization's monthly newsletter:

Love Casts Out Fear. No Guns Here.

Thanks to Pastor Jeff Wild of Advent Lutheran Church in Madison for this creative and prophetic church property sign in response to the recently-passed “concealed carry” law in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Council of Churches opposed this measure, as we have opposed similar measures for decades. There is no compelling evidence that putting more guns on our streets will somehow make our state safer.

There are, however, profound theological reasons for opposing “concealed carry.” In May, our state’s four religious organizations — the Council of Churches, the Catholic Conference, the Jewish Conference, and the Lutheran Office for Public Policy-WI — sent a letter to the legislature and Governor which said in part,

…we hold in common the conviction that our places of worship are islands of peace in a troubled world. Those who come to our churches, parishes and synagogues do so to place their trust in God and to witness to their conviction that our human inventions and earthly devices are not the ultimate source of our safety or security.

Unfortunately, our petition to the Legislature fell on deaf ears, as did our request that the religious community be exempt from the law should it pass.

Come November 1, every congregation in Wisconsin which doesn’t believe guns should be allowed on church property must post a sign to that effect. We are still waiting for the Department of Justice to issue specific guidelines, and the law as adopted raises some liability issues for congregations that are now being sorted out.

Check out our website www. in September for advice about the new conceal and carry law.


September 8, 2011 - 1:57pm