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Guess the public really doesn't want Capitol access after all

The state Dept. of Administration reports. with a straight face:

Open Queue Only Draws Eleven
Joint Finance Executive Session has ended with only eleven members of the public on hand to view the proceedings.  A queue for 100 had been established on King Street, however, only eleven people entered the queue and subsequently watched the proceedings.

Capitol Police

Gee, there was a chance for 100 people to come in and only 11 bothered.  What's all this fuss about wanting Capitol access?  Maybe this explains it:

>Joint Finance Meeting Open to Public

The Joint Finance Committee will have an executive session tonight from 6:00 to 6:05 p.m. in Room 412 East of the Wisconsin State Capitol.  The public queue for this event will begin at 4:30 pm at the King Street entrance. One hundred members of public are welcome to attend this 5 minute ceremonial event. 

Thank you.   

-Capitol Police

Meanwhile, thousands of people wanted entry to the Capitol for Gov. Scott Walker's budget speech, but were denied access by security.  It seems there was only room to pack the Assembly gallery with Walker supporters he somehow managed to get into all of the available seats.

This would be remarkable, reprehensible behavior at any time.  But to act in this high-handed manner in defiance of a court order issued earlier in the day is begging for a contempt finding.

The Walker administration is arguing that the Capitol already is open, so it is in compliance with the judge's order.  But ask someone who tried to enter on Tuesday and you'll get a much different story.  You will soon need a passport, visa, and a note from your mother, and then you'll be admitted  only if there's an empty seat somewhere in the building.

Welcome to Walkerland, where they'll tell you day is night and up is down and expect you to believe it.

Democracy this ain't.

Every day Walker digs his hole a little deeper.  Who on earth is he listening to?  


March 1, 2011 - 6:30pm