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Grinch sounds sour note, wants to stop Capitol Songfest

A daily noonhour sing along in the state Capitol rotunda has gotten nothing but positive stories and reviews --until now.

State Rep. Paul Farrow, a Waukesha County Republican, had had enough, he says in a letter, claiming the noisy singing interferes with doing business and even forced the Red Cross to cancel a blood drive.

Here's the part he neglected to mention, according to "R. Chris Reeder, who leads the event. He said in an email:

The Red Cross tweeted: "Thanks to many in the group, like , for donating blood today and for encouraging others to give!"


I have an email from the regional CEO of the Red Cross, accepting my apology about Tuesday:


"I greatly appreciate your reaching out to remedy any misunderstandings as I understand you were not informed and never asked to reduce the noise level during the scheduled blood drive. It was never our intention to bring a negative light to the noon hour protests, and I apologize for any inconvenience the canceling of yesterday’s blood drive may have created for your group. We have stringent criteria enforced by the FDA as to the surroundings at our operations. There appeared to be a lack of communication on our end and for that I also apologize. We certainly support your group’s right to be in the house of the people as well."


Bobbi Snethen, the regional Red Cross spokesperson, stopped by the sing along today to thank us for accommodating them, and for sending so many people into the blood drive that they couldn't take them all.

But we know who's running the Capitol of FitzWalkerstan. Don't be surprised if this is an excuse for an attempted crackdown.


June 2, 2011 - 5:18pm