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Gov's Office Still Campaigning at Work: Asked Paper to do a Hit Piece on Moderate Dale Schultz

An open records request from the governor's office reveals an email from Governor Walker's immunity-granted-for-doing-illegal-campaign-work-on-the-taxpayers'-dime press secretay Cullen Werwie to the independently-minded Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Politifact, where Werwie asks that they do a hit piece on moderate GOP State Senator (and former Majority Leader) Dale Schultz:



Werwie is suggesting that Poltifact artificially frame "constituents have been contacting" Schultz to just email records that would be gleaned from an open records request-- most likely because Werwie knows that pro-mining astroturf groups had sent thousands of mass emails to Schultz and other Senators from "concerned citizens" all over the country.

Also keep in mind that this was after the mining bill had failed in the Wisconsin Senate and this is the same Schultz that Walker personally threatened to run a Tea Party candidate against if he didn't fall into line and vote for Walker's union-busting bill, Act 10. (And yes, that has been confirmed by more than one source that was in the room at the time.)

I just can't figure out what Werwie meant when he said, "The support that ultimately may matter most to Schultz-- that of his constituents"?

Ohhhh... wait... I got it!  The support of Schultz's constituents will ultimately matter the most in the next election when Team Walker runs a Tea Party candidate in the primary against him!

Werwie is clearly not only using his governor's office for campaign activity, but has the nerve (and stupidity) to think aloud, in writing, about his explicit campaign intentions:  Discredit Schultz so his constituents vote him out and the Walker-backed candidate wins.

Ultimately, the Politifact never followed Werwie's story idea.

However, if you're a moderate Republican in Schultz's district or anywhere in Wisconsin -- is this really the kind of governor you want?  Somebody that not only threatens a fellow Republican if they don't go along with his extreme agenda, but actually uses his taxpayer funded office to punish the Republican?



June 1, 2012 - 10:53am