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GOVERNOR RELIGIOUS: A bit o' Bible thumping and an optimistic prediction

Now that The Progressive magazine has compiled a great piece on how Scott Walker thinks he's just taking orders from God (see URL below), I've come up with a very simple and biblical phrase to describe what the GOP's actions this week mean in the end. Ahem! Drum roll, please! The union-busting bill will hurt many working Wisconsin people -- public and private sector -- in the short run, and hurt them badly in some cases. But the new law is ultimately meaningless because (ta-dah!):


I suspect Republicans in general and perhaps even Walker, as god-fearing as he takes himself, might not get that the above line comes from scripture, and instead might take it as an affirmation that their next whacko legislative idea is likewise worthy of enactment. Well, frak 'em if they can't take a joke.

The bottom line is that one day, and perhaps sooner than we might expect, union bargaining rights will be restored in Wisconsin. Because that has been a wise public policy that has stood the state and local governments well for years, and because Walker and his ilk won't be around all that along, since their brand is already damaged goods, and because the entire dust-up over their ill-considered, Machiavellian and lying actions will not be forgotten, and because the workers will still be there, and the public that supports them will still be there.

Of course, this law isn't about unions per se, or about Wisconsin being broke (which it isn't). Like GOP vote-suppression schemes, this was about the GOP once again trying to deny their opponents an important political base. Heck, Walker as much said that, and Sen. Scott Fitzgerald DID say that literal thing, in an unguarded and/or contemptuous moment in an interview with Fox News.

Never forget that the internal rallying cry of the Karl Rove unit of the Republican Party has been, and I quote, "Defund the left." This law is a defund-the-left law, just like voter ID is a suppress-Democratic-voters law. And here's the truth about those and similar Republican moves: They show just how weak and desperate, corrupt and rotten the Republican Party now is.  They achieve only by voting in lock step, sometimes even against individual principle. They seldom are now able to win on the merits (which is why they can't campaign any longer on what they'll actually do once attaining office), so they win by cranking up the slick PR machine, trashing details (and sometimes entire scientific and economic disciplines) and framing issues in "let's you and him fight" terms.

By distracting voters in every way they can -- from attacking immigrants and ex-felons to killing off worthy social programs, gerrymandering legislative districts and damaging the economy -- the Republicans still succeed at times in the short run. In the long run, however, their tactics now mostly just further exemplify their lack of good and provably workable ideas. All Republican political positions -- yes, all of them -- are now crafted simply as vehicles to extend their political power, as their actual voter base shrinks more and more. Their legislative agenda and ideology: Nothing more than a business strategy. Do the bidding of the fat cats, and they will send you money and help keep you in office, so you can take other people's money and return the favor. An incestuous relationship, profitable in the short run but one that will inevitably leave the GOP with one hell of a case of the political clap.

The only other thing that's keeping them afloat is dumbth. All you need to do is listen to some Republican legislators or even the often content-free musings of the governor himself, and you can see that these guys and gas as a group make former GOP legislative fringers like Gordon Roselip and Harold Froelich look like rocket scientists.

The GOP is now in the midst of a furious delaying action that's part of a long, slow, retreat. Theirs is also, ultimately, a losing proposition. At some point not far away, Republicans will cry wolf -- as Walker just cried wolf about the state budget -- and no one will believe them anymore. Some little kid will step out of the crowd, point to Walker or his GOP successors, and say: "But mommy. The king isn't wearing any clothes." And then it will be over, and we can get back to the work of rebuilding our society, if it's not by then too late.

This, too, shall pass.


March 11, 2011 - 2:35pm