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GOP wants to stack mining committee; rejects Dem appointees

Wow. The fix really is in.

Not only will Republicans have a majority on the new mining committee being appointed, but Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald wants to pick the Democratic members, too. in its report to subscribers, says Fitzgerald rejected two of Minority Leader Mark Miller’s picks for the Senate’s Select Committee on Mining Jobs.

Miller, D-Monona, said he wanted Bob Jauch of Poplar, Tim Carpenter of Milwaukee and Jon Erpenbach of Middleton on the committee because they represent the region of a planned mine, represent a district with residents involved in the production of mining equipment and have long ties to the environmental community, respectively.

But Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, has final say over committee appointments under Senate rules and instead appointed Jauch and Sen. Jim Holperin, D-Conover, to the committee. ..

“Sen. Kedzie, the committee chair, and the Republicans on the committee are going into this process with the ultimate goal of creating more jobs in Northern Wisconsin, not creating more politics in Madison,” Fitzgerald said. “It’s my expectation that Sen. Jauch and the full membership of the committee will share that goal.”

A spokesman for Miller called it an "unprecedented partisan maneuver," arguing that Fitzgerald's appointments were respected when he was minority.

"So much for bipartisanship," said Miller spokesman Mike Browne.

No shit.


September 27, 2011 - 6:36pm