GOP trying to push Hopper out of recall, under the bus? | Wis.Community

GOP trying to push Hopper out of recall, under the bus?, in a report to subscribers, says there's a GOP movement underway to get State Sen. Randy Hopper out of the recall election for his seat.

Hopper, beset by personal problems as well as political ones, looks like a dead duck. He's being challenged by Jessica King, who came within an eyelash of beating him in 2008.

Hopper reportedly insists he's not getting out, but if Gov. Scott Walker were to dangle a higher-paying job in front of him he might have a change of heart. He could also face a primary, but no challenger has surfaced yet and that gets messy.

Rabid talker Charlie Sykes says Hopper should do “the right thing” and step aside in the race because he's polling poorly and has personal baggage that would make it an “ugly” campaign, WisPolitics said. Sykes is no doubt acting as the party's mouthpiece, since he seldom if ever has an original idea.

Some Dems have been worried for awhile that Hopper might resign or not run in the recall, which would make it tougher -- but certainly not impossible --for King to win. The way things are going, anyone with an R near his/her name may have trouble.


May 25, 2011 - 6:14pm