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GOP painting protesters as violent?

From reported to subscribers that Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald said he decided to adjourn the Assembly because Gov. Scott Walker called to tell him to get his caucus members and staff out of the building because their safety could no longer be assured.

Fitzgerald told WisPolitics exclusively about the guv's call after the Assembly ended a tense, 30-minute floor session. As the Republicans made moves to pass the controversial budget repair bill without Dem participation, a throng of thousands of protesters outside the chamber grew louder and louder.

 I will try to withhold final judgment until some evidence is forthcoming, but until and unless such evidence materializes, my inclination is to call bullshit.

Walker is certainly not above trying to cast those thousands of protesters, who have dared to challenge his union-busting tactics, in a bad light by portraying them as violent.

From all reports, the huge protests, while raucous at times, have been notable for being peaceful and non-violent. Walker would no doubt like to change that image.


February 18, 2011 - 6:51pm