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In Good Standing...

A term that I've become a little confused about in the last few weeks is "In good standing". On February 21, just a couple of weeks ago, as a Democrat. Shortly after announcing his candidacy, Myron met with Martha Lanning, chair of the DPW and Myron was told that he would not be given access to the Voter Access Network (VAN) because he was opposing a Democrat "In Good Standing" in the primary, Ron Kind. Mind you Myron was willing to pay for access but no access will be allowed. 

So the Wisconsin Democrats have an establishment and bylaws protecting their candidates and deterring others from running. When looking at Myron's positions he is in direct alignment with the Democratic Platform both nationally and in Wisconsin. Can we say that about the incumbent? Not hardly. Ron's recent vote on fast tracking the TPP in congress shows that he's not so "Kind" to the working man.  Myron and Ron philosophies diverge the most when it comes to supporting TPP.

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Myron's position on TPP is quite clear. According to his website: "Wall Street and the political establishment have betrayed American workers for too long. Jobs are gone and wages are down. Trade agreements like NAFTA and Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China have sent American manufacturing jobs out of the country.  The proposed Trans Pacific Partnership, (TPP) is the largest free trade agreement in history, and will accelerate this trend. It may be debated in Congress before the end of this year. I’m strongly opposed to the passage of the Trans Pacific Partnership."

One other thing that is on Myron's website is the evidence of the last bad trade deal: NAFTA. NAFTA is TPP on steroids. .


So the road is going to be tough for Myron and he needs your help. If you are sick of being represented by a Democrat in Name Only (DINO) then please help by sending Myron Buchholz to Congress and defeat Ron Kind in the Democratic Primary for this office on August 9. 

. Let others know as well by sharing this post and links to the video above. We need your help with this new revolution that will hold our candidates to the test of progressive values with progressive actions. On August 9, please vote for the candidate that is "In Good Standing" - Myron Buchholz. Share liberally! -saw-


March 14, 2016 - 9:44am