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Good Morning Wisconsin

Quick notes -

There is no parking available any more in Downtown Madison.  Please bus in if at all possible.

The state troopers are in riot gear today - don't give them any cause to use it. Ed. Note --- I was told this this morning -- it turns out that it was apparently untrue -- the state patrol was again dressed normally.  I apologize if I added to any stress with this.  Lots of info is floating around and it's hard to sift and winnow.

If by chance you are arrested  -- Attorneys will be at the Cap 2day to observe protests. Any arrested can call the Hurley law firm: (608) 257-0945

If you are trying to follow what is happening, follow in twitter.  We have  a page for that on the site, but it's quite a lot behind reading in a twitter client directly.

As part of my never-ending quest to make life as difficult as possible, I am currently in the Ho-Chunk Casino in Baraboo, trying to catch up on life - thank you Ho-Chunk Nation for the bandwidth.

I will be out of Madison for the day, but may be back tomorrow for business reasons, so you'll probably see some sort of updates tomorrow.

For now - this is a quick look inside the Joint Finance Committee hearing yesterday.  More video and pictures will be coming, but odds are it will be Monday before I'm caught up.  Real soon now there'll be more video from last night's rally.



February 17, 2011 - 9:56am