For God's Sake, vote tomorrow

Yes, I know - it's a small, primary election. And it's incredibly important. It's your chance to make sure that our schools are supervised by someone who has shown himself to be a responsible adult who actually cares about our schools.  Your choice is between someone who clearly cares about public education in the state, or one of two people who strongly support charters and private education, the policies of Betsy DeVos, and who have been busy calling each other liars for some time now. Your choice, but I am voting for Tony Evers, and I suggest you do the same.

There are also other primary elections throughout the state - elections for judges and a few other local primaries. Need to know where to vote, who is on the ballot, or if you are still registered? MyVoteWi is your one stop shop for all this info. Go there.  And tomorrow, head to the polls if you've not already voted. Let's not make the same mistake many of us made in November.