Okay, I need to ask the question ---

Glenn Grothman seems to:

  • Question why the heck science should be used in making decisions on - oh - safety, conservation, species preservation, etc. Why talk to scientists? Why look into the facts? Why let the DNR do what it's legally charged with?? So much better to count on how Glenn feels about things.
  • He thinks that we should delist the Butler's garter snake as endangered because he "feels" there are lots of them. Man, there's a cogent argument.

    "The snake is everywhere. There are probably as many snakes as people," he said.

Personally I "feel" there "probably" are way too many incompetent Republican legsiators - Based on that can I go build houses where they live? I don't understand the growing trend where ideology is more important than the old-fashioned research and information that we used to try to use to set public policy. Grothman has even questioned whether the DNR has the right to enforce things on private property owners - Heck, foolish me, I thought that was what they were there for.

  • Now he thinks we should just let Lasso be in our well water because - um - well, because he "thinks" it's safe in the levels that it's showing up.
  • But - and now this is the part I don't understand - he also wants the University system to have a much more "scientific" means of determing who gets admitted to college. Because just looking at all the information and balancing it isn't enough.

So - to sum up - counting snakes and making a decision based on whether they're in danger or not (as the laws require) is BAAAD because Glenn thinks that how he feels is more important than expert opinions.

Making scientific determinations of how much of a chemical is safe and setting laws based on those determinations is bad because - well, heck, how dangerous could it be, anyway?

But figuring out who gets into our State Universities should be just a scientific matter of assigning points so that it's fair - after all, humans are SOOO much more clear-cut than snakes and chemicals that Monsanto dreams up.


Heck - why was I confused? It all makes sense when you look over the big picture.