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Glenn Grothman: GOP senator without an exit strategy

TV news had a brief field day covering a supposed near-assault on a GOP state senator yesterday, but Glenn Grothman's ill-advised journey out a door at the Capitol and into the protest crowd was a mess of his own making. With some help from Gov. Walker, as it turns out.

Protesters surrounded Grothman and began shouting at him, although no one did anything physical. Some protesters actually shouted "Peaceful! Peaceful!" to remind everyone to stay cool. The crowd did press in, though, and Grothman at some point decided discretion was the better part of valor. He tried to re-enter the Capitol. But he couldn't. Why?


Geez, what if there was a fire inside and the doors were still locked? Shades of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire. So much for public safety. Someone ought to tell the judge hearing the petition to re-open the Capitol about this incident, and others inside (see below).

In any event, Democratic Rep. Brett Hulsey came to Grothman's rescue, and with the help of a few firefighters helped him find an open entrance. After Grothman was safe, of course, he began bad-mouthing the protesters some more, pooh-poohing the thought that he was in any danger and yet strongly implying that the crowd ... well, put him in danger. And some news outlets went along, making much of how threatening and scary the protesters were. But Chris In Paris at Americablog had a completely different perspective:

This is significant because the right is trying to gin up yet another example of “union thuggery” by claiming that by protesters after last night’s budget address from Gov. Scott Walker. And predictably, this tells far too little of the story. In fact, Grothman, unlike any of his Republican colleagues in the legislature, went down into the common areas of the Capitol to exit. Every other legislative Republican managed to find a different way out – probably through that side door where the before the speech (search for the word “lobbyists” on that link, it’s far down the page). Just like when I saw him on Saturday, he was down there to see if he could stir up trouble and become a martyr.

Chris in Paris goes on to share some examples of real Capitol thuggery, enacted by some officials inside the building that same day. More here:


March 2, 2011 - 1:44pm