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Give 'em hell, Russ

[img_assist|nid=55227|title=Russ|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=120|height=163]From an unofficial, rush transcript of Russ Feingold's address Sunday to Walkerville residents at the State Capitol:

Yes, they chose this great state, this great capital, this great founding place of workers' rights as their first target. They went right for the jugular, and they used Scott Walker as their tool to get it done. They passed a law here that was wrong and unfair and against every Wisconsin tradition on the merits, and they did it in a way that was wrong and I think illegal and I hope to God that the Supreme Court sees that, the way they passed that thing, it was wrong and illegal and it should be struck down.

      But of course, there, uh, they have an alternative plan, and that's another reason why we are here. We are here because they intend to abuse the budget process, that old phony line of taking away people's collective bargaining rights has to do with the budget, which has been exploited in conversations and admissions, over and over again, and they going to try to do it again with this budget, and I have fought monkey business in state budgets here for 10 years as a State Senator myself, there is no way we would have allowed something like this, Republicans OR Democrats, to ever go into a state budget. I'm here today, you're here today, to say 'Don't abuse our budget process in the next few weeks, we will protest it, and we will continue to protest it.'"

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June 13, 2011 - 4:25pm