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With Friends Like the Cap Times' Jack Craver, Who Needs Enemies?

Jack Craver's schtick is that he's a contrarian:  the liberal guy that is always pointing out the flaws of his own tribe with his dazzling 20-something hipster punditry. The problem, though, is that the job the Capital Times hired him to do several months ago was report the news.

Unfortunately, like the rest of the Wisconsin media, Craver was too busy holding the couch down to cover numerous stories about Scott Walker and the Wisconsin recall.  Instead, Craver devouts 99% of his "reporting" to thinly veiled punditry, which almost always involves some variation of why the Democrats suck.

His latest addition is writing a 2,347 word about why DPW spokesman Graeme Zalinski is a big jerk.  How brave!  A Capital Times reporter standing up to a fellow Democrat!  Especially when everybody is already feeling like crap after the recall!  Bravo Jack-0!

This is, of course, Jack Craver that said Russ Feingold was hitting "below the belt" in his "misleading" ad when he accused Ron Johnson of wanting to drill for oil in the Great Lakes. And when revelations of Randy "Bed Hopper" Hopper began to surface, Craver was predictably shaming everyone on the left for having the audacity to cover the story.

Here's an idea, Jack:  There is a nefarious character in the governor's mansion that history will remember as the reincarnation Joe Mccarthy.   The rest of the media covers only a quarter of what this guy does day in and day out.  There are many that would relish the oppotunity you have been given to report the news:  Stop blowing it!


June 11, 2012 - 4:39pm