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Frank Lasee for US Senate? Are you kidding?

Don't they have Google in DC? I ask because of this straightforward report by Roll Call that State Sen. Frank Lasee is likely to run for Herb Kohl's US Senate seat next year when Kohl retires.

Lasee said he's meeting with the National Republican Senate Committee, Club for Growth and others, " laying all the groundwork and getting ready for the race. He says Rep. Paul Ryan is only candidate who’d keep him out. (Ryan is not running.)

The Roll Call article is noteworthy in that it only talks about who else might run and gives Lasee's political resume with no assessment of his record.

In other words, there is no clue that he's loony tunes, a fringe candidate.

A few of Lasee's ideas:

Arming classroom teachers

Ending state funding for UW Law School because we have enough "ambulance chasers."

Co-sponsoring an Arizona-style anti-immigrant bill to require "foreign-looking" people to prove they are in the US legally.

Lasee is an unabashed backed of Gov. Scott Walker's union-busting budget and the voter ID bill aimed at discouraging Democrat-leaning voters..

Then there's this bizarre 2007 story:

In a Sept. 4 letter to the Brown Deer School Board president, Lasee calls on officials there to investigate an incredible claim that there is a racially segregated hallway at one of the schools in which black students have sex with each other.

And it doesn't stop there.

Lasee suggested in the letter that it's all sex all the time in Brown Deer. Students, he said, may even be hooking up on school buses and in classrooms.

To hear him tell it, Brown Deer schools are regular dens of iniquity.

"I find it creepy that an adult would be sitting at a computer 120 miles away wondering about the sex lives of children here," Brown Deer High School Principal Jim Piatt said Friday while giving a tour of the school.

A tip to Roll Call reporters interviewing prospective candidates who buzz through town:  Ten minutes of research might not be a bad investment.  This guy ain't going nowhere.  He even makes Ron Johnson look good.

For your amusement, a mild WEAC commercial from years past:




July 5, 2011 - 10:34am