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Fitzwalkerstan Wins an Award!

The Society of Professional Journalists has announced the winner of:

 2012 Black Hole Award: for lack of transparency in government.

And the Winner is?

Wisconsin State Legislature

 The text below is from the Society of professional Journalists Press Release

The Wisconsin State Legislature ignored the state's open meetings law in in March 2011, then successfully urged the state supreme court to exempt it from this law.

Additionally, tasked with redrawing voter boundaries based on the 2010 Census, the legislature's Republican leadership hammered out new maps behind closed doors, even having their members sign secrecy agreements. The maps were unveiled less than a week before the only public hearing on the bills, which promptly passed. Afterward, the leaders fought court orders to release records showing what they had done, drawing an .

The Wisconsin legislature also barring even police from knowing who may be carrying concealed weapons. And while opening the state capitol to these weapons, it cracked down on the use of cameras by citizens in the state assembly.


And they don't even know about the plastic that is taped over the assembly chambers window.


March 16, 2012 - 12:42am