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Fitz, GOP shameless in trying to delay recalls

State Sen. Scott Fitzgerald would be embarrassing himself with his challenge on if he were capable of being embarrassed. But he and his cronies have no shame.

Fitzgerald says that if you have 60 days to collect signatures, you have to start counting on the day you file the paperwork, which means the petitions would be due today.

No matter that Republican Atty. Gen. J. B.Van Hollen, himself a fierce partisan, and set Tuesday, Jan. 17 as the day.

Let's take Fitz's argument to its logical conclusion: If you had only one day to collect signatures, would you have to file them on the same day you started?  If you had two days and started today, would you have to turn them in tomorrow? Of course not.

This is just the opening salvo, of course. The GOP, while complaining about recall costs, will make every ridiculous argument they can think of to try to prolong the process. Let's hope the voters are paying attention to who's gaming the system.



January 13, 2012 - 1:12pm