On the first day of Christmas, my neighbors gave to me -- one recall float! | WisCommunity

On the first day of Christmas, my neighbors gave to me -- one recall float!


Tom Crofton, chair of the Dem Party of Wisconsin's rural caucus action committee, sends this report:

The Dump Walker float, festooned with x-mas lights and "Recall" fashioned out of LED light tubes on the front grill, was denied entry to the Wonewoc Christmas parade. (The picture is from last week's Mauston parade). 

Now we don't need to bring up separation of church and state; the commercialization, Disneyfacation, and creative calendar fixing of the Savior's birth, nor the fact that HE kicked the money changers out of the temple, divided the loaves and multiplied the fishes to feed the poor, and confronted the  reigning power structure in spite of the clear threat to his life (ok I just did bring all that up..)

But...I as a Democratic Candidate for Assembly in '08, and in the elections since other progressives broke even or won in that town.  We own that town now as much or more than anyone else can claim to.

Which goes to show that many people are scared.

The forces who would roll back our pay and our rights and our sense of community are using fear to divide us and phony patriotism to control us.

The answer is to systematically confront them with the truth while we work to replace them whenever we can. (Many slots are open in the spring elections and now is the time to file) 

Those of us "recallers" at the parade decided that it was a good time to back down and work around the edges.

Too many local folks have been sticking their necks out for us to cause a huge disruption.

The work is getting done and will be successful.

We don't need to be bullies. 

I did light up the truck and drive around town before the parade, and received a bunch of smiles and thumbs up. 

By the way, the guy helping the guy who kicked me out came up to me and said "guess he don't want to Dump Walker", and then smiled to let me know he did.


December 13, 2011 - 5:31pm