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Firearms training from an instructor who isn't allowed to have a gun?


A Wisconsin legislative committee to decide whether to remove all of the meaningful training requirements people need to meet before they can start carrying loaded, hidden guns in public under the new concealed carry law. The Dept. of Justice had proposed four hours or more of training, but that was too much for the National Rifle Assn. and other gun extremists.

After Tuesday's expected action by the Joint Committee for the Review of Admiinistrative Rules, which has already caved once to the extremists, almost anything will pass for "training."

Meanwhile, who's training the thousands of people who have applied for permits since the law took effect Nov. 1?

One person offering classes is Krysta Sutterfield, a pro-gun activist who apparently likes to test the limits of the law. She's one of the many who have applied for concealed carry permits but hasn't received it yet. But she's been toting a gun nonetheless -- or had been, until her recent arrest and court appearance.  Now she's banned from having a gun, but still teaching.

She's charged with having a concealed handgun, although she disputes that and claims her Glock was in plain view. Milwaukee police arrestedf her after they found Sutterfield parked outside the Sherman Perk coffee house after hours.

You may have heard of Sutterfield's last run-in with the law, when she Wore her holstered gun to a Brookfield church on July 4 and was arrested afterward when someone complained to police. She sued and got a $7,500 settlement, but Brookfield "

An attorney for the city said police will still always respond in force to calls of a person with a gun, and if turns out to be an open carry situation, that's just the cost of doing business.

"These are kind of 'gotcha' cases," said the attorney, Greg Gunta. "The courts are being used for a political stage."

Her latest arrest has complicated the classes she offers,

In a short appearance and with little debate, a court commissioner stripped Krysta Sutterfield, 42, of what is perhaps most important to her livelihood, her right to carry a gun.

"I think that the state is making an unreasonable request," Sutterfield's attorney, Rebecca Coffee, said in court.

Coffee said guns are not just a hobby for her client. She said Sutterfield earns a living teaching firearm safety courses.

Police say Sutterfield was wearing a concealed, loaded Glock semi-automatic, and that they found two more handguns in the car.

Court show:

Not to possess any dangerous weapons. Signed and filed, No Gun Order. Defendant not to possess any guns

On her , she says:

I'm an NRA certified firearms instructor teaching the NRA Basic Pistol course (basic firearms safety & marksmanship), a Utah NCI certified concealed carry instructor teaching the Utah permit class, as well as American Red Cross First Aid, CPR, & AED, in the greater Milwaukee, WI area

But MKEGal, as she calls herself on says she'll keep teaching gun classes even though she is barred from having a gun:

Yes, I am temporarily a prohibited person. Rebecca [her lawyer] will be filing a motion with the real judge very soon in order to get the restriction lifted.

Meanwhile, this will make teaching nigh unto impossible, but I'll have to try because (despite months of looking & many applications) I have no other source of income.

Might just have to remove any handling of pistols from class, use pictures & not do the practical safety test. Sure would make me feel better to know my students are able to safely unload... and I'd be allowed to stop them if they did something unsafe.

Whatever. Show them pictures of guns and call it a safety class. The Legislature certainly doesn't care. Training is whatever you or anyone else wants to call training, apparently.

Forward, Wisconsin!

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December 5, 2011 - 3:04pm