FEWER JOBS; MORE TAX BREAKS PLUS CAMPAIGN DONATIONS: Self-serving Walker administration jumps the shark, this time | WisCommunity

FEWER JOBS; MORE TAX BREAKS PLUS CAMPAIGN DONATIONS: Self-serving Walker administration jumps the shark, this time

This is just stunning. Corporate executives make fat donations to Scott Walker's campaign soon after his administration moves to provide millions of dollars in tax breaks to the same firm, a deal that would allow the firm to CUT IN HALF its Wisconsin work force. That's right: Taxpayers once again are being made to underwrite millions in lost revenue to a state-based firm that as part of the deal will be allowed to CUT jobs.

If the above and what follows don't make you queasy, you're just not paying attention.

One Wisconsin Now (a first-rate political and government watchdog group), blogger Jake formerly of the LP, and two newspapers -- the Wisconsin State Journal and La Crosse Tribune -- have spent half the year sussing out the details of this sordid but illuminating tale of pay-to-play politics in Wisconsin. The key news break putting an exclamation point on this tale comes from an unnamed source who turned key information over to the State Journal. That was after the Walker-chaired Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. tried to keep the deal under the table.

It's even more outrageous than what we hint at, because in this post we're merely summarizing this newest outrage from the syndicate that is the Walker administration.

Read what follows, then check out the links below. After that, pass along news of this to everyone you know who cares about transparent government and ethical government here in the once-proud, once-shining state of Wisconsin. Citizens of conscience simply cannot allow such crass, cynical, unethical, and counterproductive politics to go on any longer.

Key passages in an 8/24/2014 news release from One Wisconsin Now:

Just two weeks after Gov. Scott Walker’s Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) “quietly” approved a $6 million tax break for Ashley Furniture, the company’s owner, chairman and their two spouses each made $5,000 contributions for a total of $20,000 to Walker’s campaign, according to campaign finance reports reviewed by One Wisconsin Now...

According to a story which broke in Sunday’s , Gov. Walker’s WEDC “quietly” approved a new tax credit for Ashley Furniture at its January 30, 2014 meeting. The tax credit does not even require Ashley to create any new jobs, but “instead grants the company license to lay off half of its current 3,848 Wisconsin-based workers in exchange for an enterprise zone tax credit, one of the most valuable and coveted state subsidies.” Those layoffs would affect over 1,900 Wisconsin workers.... 

The state of Wisconsin’s campaign finance information system records show on February 17, 2014, just weeks after the tax credit was approved by Gov. Walker’s WEDC, four contributions of $5,000 each were made to Gov. Walker’s campaign from Ashley Chairman of the Board Ronald Wanek, Ashley Chief Executive Officer Todd Wanek and their wives Joyce and Karen...

To date, Gov. Walker has received at least $1.2 million in campaign donations from WEDC recipients, as has the Republican Governors Association, which $13 million for Gov. Walker’s campaign in 2010 and 2012 and has spent or allocated $4 million in 2014, including a $3 million media blitz that begins in less than two weeks.


August 25, 2014 - 12:43am