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Feingold's out; Now what, Dems?

"Russ Feingold says he will not run for any public office in 2012.

So let the campaigns begin.

The US Senate race could be a Tommy vs. Tammy contest, if Tommy Thompson can overcome the hostility of the Teavangelicals who have taken over the GOP.  Whatever questions there may be about her November viability, Tammy Baldwin looks unbeatable in a Dem primary.

But who runs for governor if there is a recall of Scott Walker? Tom Barrett is reportedly interested in another try. Dave Obey's name has been floated, but ler's hope that trial balloon quickly crashes.

Isn't there a fresh Democratic face somewhere out there? Jon Erpenbach got a lot of attention during the budget process, as a spokesmen for the Dem Senators, but he says he's not running for gov, but might run for Congress.

Ron Kind has acted like he's been wanting to run for governor for years, but never quite enough to actually do it.

I don't have a candidate to offer; I'm just hoping one shows up soon, before Ed Garvey decides it's his duty to save the Democrats and run, as he did in 1998 when no one else stepped up. He and Barbara Lawton declared victory when they got 40% of the vote, but we need 50% this time.

Recall Walker sounds good, but voters don't get to vote yes/no on keeping Walker. We need a candidate. Ideas welcome.


August 19, 2011 - 8:25am