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Feingold Sacks Johnson With Great New Ad

In a new ad, Feingold makes the point that halftime victory celebrations are not wise:  especially when it rouses the opponent to step-up their game.  Or something like that.

I'm reminded of a '98 Feingold ad that involved Feingold walking on a road and saying "he was taking the high road."  It was about campaign finances, but most people took it as Feingold simply saying he was "taking the high road."  They didn't know why he was taking the high road or what what exactly he was talking about, but it really resonated with people and helped Feingold turn things around that year. 

I think the same will be true of this ad.

While we're talking football, another anecdote from '98:  Late in the campaign Feingold went to a Packers game and ran into Mike Holmgren after the game. Holmgren said he was a big Feingold fan and asked for yard sign, which, (of course), got put up in a matter of minutes.

And Holmgren isn't first Packers coach to embrace a Democrat:  Vince Lombardi campaigned vigorously for JFK in 1960. 




October 5, 2010 - 4:18pm