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Feingold for Nothing in 2012

What is Russ Feingold running for in 2012? Nothing, it appears, after someone (the Associated Press) finally asked him directly what he meant when he mentioned 2012 on election night:

What I was saying was, people who care about our country should be concerned about re-electing Obama," he told The Associated Press. "I was trying to urge all of my supporters to understand that even though we had a bad night, we will have good night in 2012. There was no agenda regarding myself."


He also said he hoped Kohl runs for a fifth term, and denied that he planned a presidential bid in two years.

"I certainly would not do that. I support President Obama," he said. "There is no truth whatsoever that I have thought about that."

Plans and circumstances are always changing in politics, of course. But unless Feingold does or says something to the contrary, can we declare a moratorium on the speculation and rumors that he'll be on the ballot next year?


January 10, 2011 - 10:57am