Last night I had the pleasure of attending a fund-raiser for our senator Feingold. (disclosure note - I was also one of the sponsors of the fundraiser). It was a lovely evening, and I had a chance to talk to the Senator about Uppity Wisconsin.  There may be more news about that later, I hope.

The senator spoke on several topics, including the joy of having worked on passing an ethics reform bill that succeeded in having Trent Lott resign rather than be subject to the new rules.  Sadly, that means one more powerful congressperson making the trip though the revolving door to K street, but perhaps he'll be one of the last.

Much of his talk was spent discussing how the Democrats in Washington have not been as ineffective as many of us want to make out. This is true, but it's also certainly the case that we have not seen the kinds of massive changes that we had hoped for after the last election.  Certainly if more congress representatives had as much backbone as Senator Feingold, things would be progressing more quickly.

He did emphasize how important it is to have the next president and vice president be more progressive (and I found myself wondering how anyone could not fulfill that, till I thought about the current Republican candidates.)  He also emphasized how important it is that although Democrats may often disagree with each other on policy, that we must work to not poison our own water through attacks within the party members.

We will be providing some new means for you to contribute toward Wisconsin candidates and other ways to support candidates and issues through the campaign season.  Stay Tuned.