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The Feingold Cheddarbomb

[img_assist|nid=15748|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=203|height=300]The Cheddarsphere bloggers who supported Russ Feingold's Cheddarbomb yesterday had a pretty big success. Our ActBlue page has raised $10,221 and we have had 248 donors.  This of course is just part of the entire Feingold Cheddarbomb, which included money raised directly by the Feingold campaign and many other supporters, including Chuck Schumer (who outraised us) and Al Franken. 

The entire Cheddarbomb campaign and the  Wisconsin bloggers were glad to do our part.  Most of yesterday our ActBlue page was the 4th most active page on ActBlue.

Good luck to Russ in the upcoming campaign, and again, we were just glad to be able to help.

Note that you can still contribute to Russ on our , or just by filling in the widget on the right, where you can contribute to multiple different campaigns.

I'm also glad that in the process we raised some money for ActBlue.

Thank you to everyone who so generously contributed.  I'd also like to thank all of the Cheddarsphere bloggers who helped to make this a success, and DailyKOS, which helped us greatly with bringing in contributions from other parts of the country.  A post from Giles Goat Boy in particular brought in many contributions to Russ.


September 16, 2010 - 11:36am