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Feingold and Obama: BFF?

There's a small buzz among folks who attended the Obama fundraiser for Tom Barrett on Monday -- why did Obama mention Herb Kohl and Gwen Moore in his remarks at the event, and not Russ Feingold?

Did Feingold ask not to be mentioned because Obama is poison?  Is Obama angry with Feingold for voting against the recent financial reform package?

Fox News, whose parent company just gave $1-million to the Republican Governors Assn., speculated that Feingold might not show.  Wishful thinking, trying to turn everything into a negative.  If Obama were poison, why would Barrett welcome him?

But before the Obama visit, The Hill actually asked Feingold (who would have thought of that?) whether he had any hesitation about being with the President:

"Absolutely none," Feingold said when asked if he has any qualms about appearing with Obama, according to a pool report.

"I'm pleased to stand with this president any time and anywhere and defend what we've done and what we're doing," the senator added.

Feingold met Obama at the airport and joined him at ZBB Energy Corp. in Menomonee Falls, where the President went out of his way to praise Feingold: “We've got somebody who is fighting on behalf of Wisconsin families each and every day, Russ Feingold, your wonderful U.S. senator,” said Obama.

Feingold attended the Barrett fundraiser afterward and worked the crowd, but left before Obama spoke because he had another scheduled event at The Family House.

So Obama acknowledged Kohl and Moore, who were in the room, but did not mention Feingold, who wasn't.

Case closed. Hope it doesn't ruin anyone's conspiracy theory.

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August 17, 2010 - 8:21pm