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The Feel Bad Story of the Year

The Wisconsin Supreme Court is filled with conservatives elected through the power of big money in recent years. Only Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson stands in sharp contrast to the right wing majority on the court. Thus it was little surprise that the majority decision hastily reached in the labor negotiations case favored Scott Walker and the big money interests he represents. This group has been working to roll back protections that have stood in place more than 50 years. In their rush the legislature violated the open meetings law governing legislative meetings at all levels of government. Meeting notices and agendas must be published ahead of time to insure transparency in government. Instead we had a backdoor deal so  monstrous it cried out for judicial review. Judge Sunni provided that review.

But the majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court appears not to have heard of judicial review. Pass what you want, folks, we're keeping out of it. So we have a system in which people are elected by hook or crook. Bad decisions are issued over bad laws and the public suffers as a result. It is time for the people to speak. Let the recall season begin.


June 15, 2011 - 5:35pm