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Federal court lifts injunction on John Doe

It's not a great surprise in view of the tone of the courtroom arguments, but today the 7th US District Court of Appeals . This latest development refers the entire Doe issue back to the state courts, where it seems it really should have remained in the first place. The judges found that Judge Randa's ruling on this case violated the Anti-Injunction act, and that the state courts had the right to make determinations in this case without intervention from the Federal courts. They also suggested that Randa's ruling that there is no law against campaign coordination if there is not a direct endorsement of a candidate was a stretch, and that the prosecutors in the John Doe likely have immunity from prosecution, blowing a hole in most of the arguments made in court by the Wisconsin Club for Growth.

Wisconsin Club for Growth intends to continue to make appeals in this case. Governor Walker's campaign insists that "The Friends of Scott Walker campaign was not party to the federal lawsuit, but today's ruling has no impact on the fact that Judge Peterson shut down this investigation in January". 

Likely the investigation will again continue, and the validity of some of the subpoenas will remain in question. But the investigation is again free to continue. One more day of litigation in Fitzwalkerstan comes to an end. There will be more.


September 24, 2014 - 5:24pm