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FBI at home of Former Walker Aide

At least four FBI agents were at the home of former top Walker aide Cynthia A. Archer this morning.  The FBI agents were seen removing materials from the home and taking photographs.

Ms Archer resigned from her post in August, claiming she was leaving for "personal family matters". Speculation was rampant at the time that her resignation was tied to the John Doe inquiry re: a staffer in Walker's office doing political posting from Walker's office while he was still county executive in Milwaukee. At the time of her leaving her position as a secretary in the Department of Administration she claimed she was not part of any John Doe investigation.

Records later showed that she had taken a new position at the Department of Children and Families, taking a sizeable salary reduction, but being paid tens of thousands more in her new position than her predecessor. She apparently remains on leave of absence from her new position, although the situation is unclear, with various departments in the state government referring questions elsewhere.

At the moment very little is known about why the FBI was at her house, if this is actually related to the John Doe investigation, or if it is related to the also-sudden resignation of Tom Nardelli in July.  Both Nardelli and Archer followed Walker from his position in Milwaukee County to the Governor's office.


September 14, 2011 - 11:49am