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Falk under microscope, while Walker raises cash with 'independent' funder

Just who is behind Wisconsin for Falk, and how independent is that group from the Falk campaign, the Journal Sentinel asks in a Dan Bice column splashed across the top of page one this morning.

Is anyone is shocked to find that unions are supporting Falk, or that political operatives move from state to state to work on campaigns?  If so, don't admit it or someone will put you in the corner with a dunce cap.

It's a little ironic to read that when Scott Walker has been flying around the country since November, scooping up right-wing money by the millions for his campaign, while a series of right wing groups "independently" run millions of dollars worth of TV advertising on his behalf.

For example, the Washington Post last week:

Walker hasn’t begun to air TV ads, but the governor already has raised more money —  $12.1 million and counting — than he did in his entire 2010 campaign. In that election, 7 percent of Walker’s funds came from outside Wisconsin. This time, 47 percent has come from out of state.

Thirteen of Walker’s top 20 donors are from out of state, from places such as Texas, New York and Wyoming — home of No. 10 on the list, , the wealthy investor who has repeatedly stepped in to keep solvent.

Eric O’Keefe (pictured) doesn’t make the top 20, but he’s a chief organizer of several independent conservative groups that are raising millions nationwide. From his rural home west of Madison, O’Keefe is chairman of the , which funds groups that train tea party activists. He is also chairman of the , which has spent $1 million on TV ads to support Walker’s effort to make state workers “pay their fair share.” And he is co-founder of the , a new super PAC that is spending millions on ads attacking incumbent members of Congress from both parties.

“We’ve stepped in pretty big in support of Governor Walker’s reforms,” says O’Keefe, a lean, soft-spoken 57-year-old who spent part of last week in Manhattan with Walker as the governor raised more cash. (emphasis mine)

Let me get this straight.  The same guy who heads up Wisconsin Club for Growth, which spends millions to help Walker, also goes on fund-raising jaunts to New York with Walker?

And while that's going on the big question is where Wisconsin for Falk got its footage of Falk to use in its commercials?  The print version of the Journal Sentinel story asked:

But two ads for Wisconsin for Falk include of Falk, sporting her latest hairstyle, in a government building into the camera. That has left many Republicans and Democrats wondering just how separate the two groups are.

"If it's an independent expenditure ad, how are they shooting that footage of Kathleen?" asked an ally of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, a Democrat who may challenge Falk. "Especially that last shot."

Apparently the Barrett folks don't see much of Falk.  The hairstyle in question (and the footage) and six years old, we're told.  The Journal Sentinel deleted those paragraphs from its online story.

POSTSCRIPT:  Any irony here?

"This is just further proof that public sector union bosses are trying to buy this election, handpick the Democrat nominee and drown out the voices of the voters of Wisconsin," said Ciara Matthews of Walker's campaign.

Ciara Matthews, of northern Virginia, came to work on the Walker campaign, which paid for her hotel rooms and tolls so she could drive here from Washington, DC, according to Walker's campaign finance reports. 




March 26, 2012 - 3:51pm