Even Though WI Trade Deficit with China has Exploded Under Walker, He Calls Trade With China "Good and Fair" | WisCommunity

Even Though WI Trade Deficit with China has Exploded Under Walker, He Calls Trade With China "Good and Fair"

According to from the U.S. Census Department, When Scott Walker came into office in 2010, the trade deficit with China was one of the worst in the country at 3.4 billion, but since that time, the deficit has exploded by 23% to 4.2 billion.  This 23% percent increase, is above the national average, which has seen the trade deficit with China increase by 15%,  from 273 billion in 2010 to 315 billion in 2012.   In addition, Wisconsin's overall trade defict has also increased under Walker by 175 million, with China being the main driver of our overall trade deficit.  

However, when Walker appeared on a propaganda  owned by the Chinese government recently, wearing a pin with the Chinese flag aside the U.S flag, he refuted claims by both Romney and Obama in the 2012 Presidential campaign that jobs were being shipped overseas to China, saying that in Wisconsin, the trade relationshiop has been "good and fair":

"I think all to often in the world of politics, no matter who you're talking about, the feeling is that jobs somehow, previously somehow, were outsourced to China and there wasn't return on that and in our case we're not going to get bogged down in national policy.  The best way for us to show that there is a good and fair trading system is to do what we're doing right here." (points to himself).  We're living it, not just talking about it, we're living it." 

In 2011, the calculated that in the previous ten years, Wisconsin had a net job loss of 54,600 Wisconsin jobs because of the the trade deficit with China and other have calculated that Wisconsin has lost more jobs to outsourcing than any other state in the last two decades. 

Because much of Wiconsin's economy is dependent on manufacturing, the growing trade deficit has been a factor that has figured promininently in Wisconsin's sluggish job growth, which ranks 37th in the country since Walker took office.  


October 24, 2013 - 10:25am