Even Humoring Walker's Phony Job Numbers, Wisconsin Still Ranks Dead Last in Job Growth

Scott Walker is trying to muddy the waters regarding his record as dead last in the nation in job growth. He’s been cherry picking different Bureau of Labor Statistics surveys and comparing apples to oranges in an attempt to give the illusion that Wisconsin is improving on the jobs front.

Here is the bottom line:  While it is true that there are indeed different BLS surveys, it is also true that all of these surveys are performed the same way in each state. This means that if one survey is off-the-mark, as Walker is claiming, then that survey is going to be off-the-mark by the same proportions for every state.

If Walker's theory that one BLS survey is undercounting and another is counting correctly, then that logic must apply to all states, not just Wisconsin. 

The only relevant statistic for considering Walker’s performance is how Wisconsin compares to other states in job growth. 

Even Scott Walker and his team of Kremlin economists aren't claiming that their set of numbers changes the fact that Wisconsin ranks dead last in job growth.