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I've had enough.  I've had enough of a lot of different things, which is part of the reason I've not been writing as of late. Current events have dropped my faith in humanity to an all-time low, but the events yesterday in the state capitol have pushed me to talk.  Because I've had enough.

The arrests in Madison started out as what I thought was  a totally predictable crazed move on the part of the Department of Administration and the Capitol Police. Just another part of the ongoing Fitzwalkerstan craziness. But things have escalated to a new level. What's wrong with this picture? A lot of things.

  • The arrests are totally inconsistent, but with their own odd internal consistency. Anyone conducting a terror campaign knows that one of the keys is unpredictability. Anyone in the capitol during a sing-along can only count on one thing these days, and it's the fact that they have no idea what is going to happen. Just being anywhere near the rotunda is apparently enough to cause an arrest, but not in any consistent way. I'm not at all sure this is legal, since the only sure way to avoid arrest is to just not enter tha building in the first place, and participating in the "illegal" activities that are being enforced may result in an arrest, a warning, or -- nothing at all. What the hell kind of law enforcement is that?
  • The capitol police apparently have a list. And if you're on it, you're much more likely to be arrested than if you are not on it. But only sometimes.
  • The arrests make our state a laughingstock. Watching can result in arrest. Photographing can result in arrest.  Holding a sign can result in arrest. Looking funny at the police can apparrently result in arrrest.  It's the activities of a thrid-world police state, not my beloved home. Journalists doing their job, legislators, photographers, the elderly, veterans, firefighters, and just plain ol' folks who happened to be in the way have been arrested. The events yesterday seem to have added in photographing while black (and green) as not just a misdemeanor, but a potential felony.
  • If this is being done for the sake of public safety why are so many citizens being injured in the process? The videos from yesterday brought back torrents of memories of protestors in the south being attacked for no reason other than standing for their principles. I have no issue with the police arresting someone who is participating in an illgeal activity in our state capitol. But to define congregating in a group of twenty or more inherently illegal (without the glorified permit) is the height of hypocrisy.  It's a power play and nothing more, and if it continues to escalate at this rate someone will be seriously hurt. Time to back off.
  • I am not at all clear  on the political purpose at work. If it was to discourage the singers, that's clearly not working, as their growing numbers and "unintimidated" sign would indicate. If it is to gain sympathy against the singers, I don't see that working eiither.  Look at the video below and ask yourself who the agressor is here, and who really deserves scorn and arrest?

I find this all particularly shocking after being in some of the seminal protests on Act 10. At that time the police force was congenial and long-suffering. Even the police in the capitol have tended to be at least civil, though often attempting to be intimidating. The sudden shift of attitude and behavior on the part of the palace guard is disturbing, mostly because it brings into question what will be next? I resent our beautiful capitol building being turned into an armed camp and a place of fear. If you do as well, you might consider pointing that out to your leislators, to the Governor, and to the Capitol Police themeselves. 




August 27, 2013 - 11:11am